Mel Browne

I have had many careers in my life so far and this year, I hope to move firmly to where my heart is – in creativity.


I am arranging retreats of varying types, to allow ordinary people the opportunity to escape from their normal life for a few days, and to recharge their motivation. I am starting with what I know – knitting and crochet. But I also have a creative writing retreat in Spring and I hope to be able to provide events for a large variety of different creative interests, to help the maximum number of people to enjoy a little break, and return to their lives with renewed vigour.

I did a lot of crafting as a teenager but stopped in my early twenties. I didn’t have a creative hobby in my life until I started knitting again when I was about to turn 40.


It became apparent very quickly that this creativity was making a big difference in my life, and I wished I had not left it so long.


Since then, I have taught many people to knit and crochet and have always felt as if I was giving them a gift, one that would continue to give benefits for many years to come.

As well as running Creative Escape, I also have a crafting vlog on YouTube and I teach knitting and crochet at Yarn Etc. in Harrogate 



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